Agencija za prevođenje

Court interpreters and translators

Sudski tumači i prevoditelji

Language Translation Agency




Our professional and highly qualified translators will assist you successfully to hold congresses, seminars, symposiums, video conferences, workshops and other various meetings. When simultaneous translation is needed, translators are situated in specially-equipped isolated booths and translate the given talks into the target language. BEKOS Ltd. can also provide the necessary equipment (booths, headsets, microphones, technical equipment, on-site technicians, etc.).


Consecutive interpreting is usually done for a small group of participants at various business meetings. Consecutive interpreter translates the speech into the target language during a break in the speeches.

Chuchotage (whisper interpreting)

Method of translation which is suitable for a small number of participants. The translator must be close to people who need translation and translates simultaneously with the presentation of the speaker, but almost unnoticeably by whispering.

Professionalism and experience of our translators will assist you in successful organizations of your business meetings. Confidentiality of information is guaranteed.