Agencija za prevođenje

Court interpreters and translators

Sudski tumači i prevoditelji

Language Translation Agency


About us

BekosBEKOS d.o.o. is a translation centre seated in Croatia, in New Zagreb, near the Zagreb Fair. The firm has gathered together a group of experienced translators and court appointed interpreters with excellent knowledge of various languages and native speakers.

The Greek historian Herodotus told a story that the word BEKOS was spontaneously spoken by two children brought up without ever hearing a word spoken in their presence. This, being said to cartier watches replica be the Phrygian word for bread, proved that Phrygian was the oldest language of mankind.
Many years later, the Almighty mixed all the languages in Babylon so that man couldn't, any more, understand and communicate using just one language.
Let us help you.

Our translation agency provides the highest quality translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects.

Bekos d.o.o. | Translation | Instruction | Publishing |  Manager: Marija Georgieva Petric, certified court translator and conference interpreter for English, Croatian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Serbian language.